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Terms and Conditions of Service

1. My site, and all of it's contents will be stored at GayHomes.net. I will not use my Gay Homes account as a potal site. (A Portal Site is a one or two page site built for the express purpose of transpoting people to a site on an outside service)

2. My site will not contain child pornography, bestiality, warez, mp3, or password trading or posting.

3. My site is completely legal according to the laws in my area and does not violate any copyright laws or any other intellectual property statutes.

4. My site will reside on the Gay Homes server, and I will not link from any other sites to any images, graphics, audio, video, or other media I have on the Gay Homes server.

5. I understand hosting is free but Gay Homes reserves the right to add banners above and/or below every HTML page at any times.

6. I will notify Gay Homes any time my e-mail address or account information changes.

7. I understand my site may be terminated by Gay Homes at any time and for any reason. Such a termination may or may not include advance notice to the webmaster.

8. I understand that my site IS NOT an Adult site. We only host personal sites.

9. Your site can be used as a free site, or a AVS site, as long as there are no membership charges directly to the user.

10. I understand that advertising my Gay Homes website via bulk email or spamming, including mass posting to Usenet Newsgroups and abuses of AOLs chatrooms, forums, and buddy system will cause my account to be closed immediately.

11. I understand that in the event my account is closed for bulk email or spamming, Gay Homes may initiate legal action in the State of California to recoup damages caused by my actions.

12. I understand that Gay Homes makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever on this service.

13. Any webmaster that is running a top notch site (determined by us) will be offered as much as 10-20 additional megs of free web space.

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